Caravanserai Retreats

A caravanserai was a roadside inn, built to shelter travellers, merchants and pilgrims along with their goods and animals, allowing a brief respite from the dust of the road and keeping them safe for the night. These were vital resting places along the network of trade routes throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, especially the Silk Road.



These inns supported the flow and exchange of cultures, commerce, information, philosophy and people across vast distances. People from all over Asia, India, North Africa and South Eastern Europe might find themselves sitting together in a courtyard, preparing their evening meal or planning the journey ahead.



Perhaps occasionally, someone dusted off a drum, another pulled out his pipe, and music, dance and entertainment were shared under the stars.



Caravanserai Retreats - a place where Cultures Connect.



Our Philosophy:


Students need Teachers, and Teachers need Students.

Our aim is to bring people together to learn, to grow, to expand and connect

through dance retreats in Bali.




new skills, new concepts, new cultures & philosophies, new techniques!


as a dancer, as an individual.


your mind, your heart, your connections, your love for your art.


with Kindred Souls, with Spirit, with yourself.



as a STUDENT you can expect:

world class tuition

excellent personalised customer service

gorgeous venues

exciting events

an unforgettable experience.



as a TEACHER you can expect:

a well organised smooth event

respect for your knowledge

dedicated care

a beautiful working holiday in Bali.



© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats

© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats