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What airport should I fly into?

Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. 

The departure tax should now be included in your flight ticket, so there is no longer any need to keep RP300,000 handy when you leave.


What airline should I use?

We cannot choose for you, but airlines often used to fly to Bali are Thai Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Air Asia.

You can also try comparing cheap flights online, for example at,,



Do I need to make a visa in advance?

Please check for any particular agreements between your country and Indonesia, and for any changes to the rules - we cannot be held responsible for any immigration problems!

However usually you don't need to apply for a special visa. You can buy a tourist visa on arrival (VOA) for $35 at the airport. It's best if you have $35 dollars cash ready for this. Some countries receive a free 30 day visa on arrival - please check with the Indonesian Embassy of your country - rules may have changed.

When you fill in your immigration cards on the plane, just write that you are coming for a holiday. Writing that you are coming to study will just risk unnecessary questions and possibly problems!

Please check online to make sure you are up to date with any changes to these regulations.


***Your passport must be valid for minimum 6 months from your date of entry. An immigration official having a bad day could choose to deny you entry, and he would be within his rights!***

How do I get to you?

We highly recommend an airport pickup from the resort. There are taxis available at the airport, but it's difficult to estimate the price as it depends on the traffic and where you are going, but if you don't take a pre-paid taxi from the desk then make sure they put the meter. Again we recommend booking a pickup from the resort; reasonably priced and MUCH more convenient!



What do I need to bring?

you will need your normal holiday equipment, and for class you will need yoga style comfortable clothing and a notebook and pen for theory class. You will be informed via email if there are any specific items needed.

You could also bring: 

sun protection


a light rain jacket

a light sweater

comfortable shoes

mosquito repellant

What is the currency? Where do I change money?

Change the minimum amount of money at the airport, because they will give you a terrible rate.

There are ATMs everywhere, or if you bring cash there are also many places to change currency - always use an authorised money changer or a bank. If you are going "out of town", then do make sure you have enough local money with you - the further off the beaten track you go, the less ATMs or  authorised money changers. 

The US dollar is the preferred foreign currency in Bali, but saying that, don't bother changing pounds or euros into dollars, you will just lose on the double exchange. Always bring new, clean bank notes which are not damaged in any way. If for instance a corner is missing or someone scribbled something on an otherwise perfect bill, it may not be accepted at full value. Exchange rates offered by money changers are generally better than by the banks, they stay open longer and transactions are faster. For US$100 notes better exchange rates are offered than for US$10 or US$20 bills. Avoid hole-in-the-wall operators and always ask about any commission imposed before the exchange as many money changers advertising better rates charge a commission. Count the money you receive carefully (Rp.10,000 and Rp.100,000 notes look similar), and never ever hand it back to the money changer after you counted it!


To quickly work out how many thousand rupiah you are looking at, cover the last 3 zeros with a finger, and that will give you the amount.






Do I need vaccinations? What if I get sick?

You don't need any special vaccines to come to Bali, and of course the vaccine question also depends upon your personal choice - whether you believe in them or not.

Bali is very civilised but it is still possible to get a bit of "Bali belly" if you are not usually a traveller. Luckily there are lots of pharmacies and also some health food shops where you can get everything from colloidal silver to neem tablets to rehydration powders and antibiotics, so whether you go allopathic or natural, you will find something for you.


However, there are cases of Dengue Fever every year and some other uncomfortable viruses, so we do recommend health insurance in the unlikely case that you need to be hospitalised - the fees are expensive!!!


Please remember that we must be informed of any conditions you may have, or medicine that you may need to take, so we can better take care of you.

Can I drink the tap water?

No, don't drink the tap water. It is fine for washing but not for drinking. 

The sun is very strong so please make sure you drink enough water every day.


Will I be safe on my own?

Bali is generally a safe place, but please use common sense; keep your valuables safe and don't flash them about. Also, please be careful driving around on a scooter at night. This is not recommended - get a taxi!

I want to party and get high!


This is absolutely not permitted.

Don't even think about it. Even a little something at bedtime, just to help you sleep - no no no no NO!

Indonesia is SUPER strict on narcotics and the death penalty still exists for drug related crimes. You will go to jail, for months or more, and spend at least $30,000++ on lawyers etc, for a crumb, a micro-speck of anything.

DON'T bring anything with you.

DON'T buy anything here.

Wait til you get home. Please.

Where can I pamper myself?

There are countless spas where you can be pampered, massaged, pedicured, get a facial, even Botox if you are that way inclined!

Bodyworks in Pettitenget - everything

Miracle in Kuta - great facials

Jari Menari in Seminyak - great massages, more expensive than most

Golddust Salon in Canggu - everything

Maria Curau Vegan Nail Salon in Pererenan - non-toxic manicures & pedicures



I don't want to stay at your resort. Where else can I stay?

We cannot be responsible for finding you alternative accommodation. However there are many places online, for example: - Canggu/Berawa area - Canggu/Berawa area


Where else can I visit in Bali?

Tanah Lot temple

Nusa Lembongan

the Bukit - Bingin beach (beautiful place to stay, Uluwatu Temple, Balangan Beach

Sideman - beautiful ricefields


Kintamani - mountains, volcanic lake, hot springs

Amed - beaches and snorkeling


Tampak Siring Water Temple


The list goes on... please consult a guidebook or look online!

Where else can I visit in Indonesia?


the Gili Islands




Komodo... the list goes on!


Please do consult a travel guide or the internet for more detailed information.



I'm hungry! Where is good to eat?

Bali is overflowing with delicious food, and the variety of cuisine - and price! - is huge.

you can eat simply in a local "warung" for a couple of dollars, or you can go for some real fine dining for a couple of hundred dollars.


Otherwise some recommendations in SOUTH BALI are:

Cafe Vida on Jl Batubolong - one of my favourites!

Zula on Jl Dyana Pura & Down To Earth on Jl Oberoi - vegetarian macrobiotic health food and products

Dahana on Jl Pettitenget - great Japanese

Watercress on Jl Batubelig - healthy salads & yummy cakes

Avocado on Jl Batubolong - healthy salads etc

Cafe Veda on Jl Batubolong - OMG deliciousness!

Koi Cafe on Jl Batubolong - all sorts of delicious things ready to eat buffet style

Warung Jepang on Jl Mertanadi (near the jail) - great Japanese, simple lunch food

The Shady Shack on Jl Tanah Barak Canggu - amazing healthy Vegan / Vegetarian food

Barraca on Jl Tanah Barak Canggu - great Italian food

Green Ginger on Jl Raya Berawa - yummy noodle house

Butter on Jl Raya Berawa - delicious cakes, coffee and tea

Asian Deli on Jl Raya Berawa - delicious buffet of Asian food

Bungalow on Jl Raya Berawa - yummy juices, cakes, salads and healthy food

Metis on jl Pettitenget - French fine dining

Cafe Bali on Jl Oberoi - great desserts!


Jl Oberoi is full of restaurants - Bali's "Eat Street".


More info on restaurants in Ubud (NORTH BALI) coming soon!

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© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats