"I was lucky enough to attend Colleena's intensive in the beautiful resort of Desa Seni, in Bali. Everything was super well organised, amazing food, plenty of time to study but also to relax, jump in the pool and get to know the group of amazing ladies that took part in this retreat. Colleena is very inspiring, both as a dancer and a teacher. Each evening we had theory lectures on Indian philosophies which always related well to the technique classes in the daytime. Allison organised it well, so we had a day of rest in the middle of the retreat so we got a chance to explore Bali and get to know each other better. Staying on for another week afterwards in Bali was lovely too as there were moments we could reconnect with the other participants which for me led to an unforgettable experience overall! Definitely recommend anyone interested in learning new skills in classical Indian dance and fusion belly dance!!"


"As a mature dancer I found Colleena Shakti's Bali dance retreat to be one of the most inspiring, challenging and fulfilling dance experiences. The organization by Alison Mulroy went without a glitch, and the venue was sublime. The memories from this retreat and the friendships I have made will surely bring me back to beautiful Bali next year for more hard work and fun."

"The combination of learning with Colleena Shakti in such a beautiful and spiritually rich place as Bali is truly priceless. Colleena is not only an amazing devotional dancer and student, she is a wealth of knowledge that is deep and well rounded for a teacher of devotional dance. Between Theory and tea and small amounts of dialog here and there during the week, I feel so much more aware of Vedic life and art than I expected from the week. Coupling this with the Balinese traditions of Hindi-Buddism created a sense of spirituality moving thru dance. The accommodations at Desa Seni are fantastic and conducive to emersion learning. That week was by far one of the best of my life, I met amazing women from all over the planet that I will have lifelong friendships with. Thank you so much Allison!"

Colleena Shakti is one of my favourite dancers to watch and study with.  I love her work,  she has grace, beauty, precision and passion.  An extremely knowledgeable teacher who is very intelllegent and articulate who delivers information for you to take away and stimulate you to go off and research some very deep teachings and philosophy, which is why I keep going back to her classes.

'The Indian Infusion' retreat in Bali, November, 2012, with beautiful teacher and dancer, Colleena Shakti, organised by brilliant Allison Mulroy was......incredible!!!  As a dancer and woman I had had a particularly difficult few years and felt stuck on so many levels yet, upon seeing Colleena dance in London in the Summer, knew that I had to go to this event in Bali. This decision was the best one I have made in a very long time. Soooo empowering. Intensive , yes, especially in the heat and humidity that is Bali in December but o soooo rewarding. Now, a few weeks since leaving the retreat, I can feel the effects this experience  has had upon me and to say they are profound would be an understatement. I feel amazing. Reborn, exicted, alive, inspired.  Everything that was stuck within me has been set free and I feel so strong and creative.Really, so many precious gifts have been bestowed upon me in this retreat that I can't wait for the next one...


So, I thank you, from the depths of my heart, Colleena Shakti, Allison Mulroy and each and every single Shakti dancer on the retreat. Also to all the amazing staff at Desa Seni and to Tom , the owner. Thank you to you all. With love to you all, Lily Devla x


 I mean every word.

© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats

© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats