The Teachers

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Colleena Shakti


Colleena Shakti has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India in 2001 to undergo intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian dance, as well as to research and document Rajasthani folk dances, music and jewelry traditions. She has had the great fortune to study under some of India’s greatest masters for more than a decade, and continues to dig deeper in the philosophies and practices, which tie Indian dance to the path of Yoga.

Deb Rubin


Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed teacher/performer of tribal fusion belly dance, emerging from the vibrant, world-reknown San Francisco Bay Area scene--the mecca of where it all began.  Coined The Queen of Slink for her captivating performance style that gracefully blends the roots of ancient gypsy spirit, with art nouveau charm & contemporary glitch. Deb teaches workshops and retreats around the globe, fusing Yoga, Tribal Fusion, Performance Artistry, & Therapeutics.

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© 2019 Caravanserai Retreats